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Print a Coupon, Support a Movement

June 11, 2020

The owner of Coupons.com pledges to donate money from its printable coupon business to help fight racial inequality. Related stories: Coupons.com Rolls Out Print Process Changes Your Coupon Inserts Could Get Even Slimmer in the New Year Coupons.com Chief Predicts the Demise of Coupon Inserts

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Earn a Coupon For Snacks By Binge-Watching TV

June 3, 2020

Amazon Prime offers a free coupon for Cheez-It snacks, if you binge hours’ worth of TV. Related stories: This Printable Coupon Site is Watching You Whole Foods Gives Up on Coupons Company Hopes Coupons for Snacks Will Keep ‘Em Smoking

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Save Money, Earn Rewards and Do Good With P&G

May 21, 2020

Procter & Gamble introduces a new website that will let you earn rewards and exclusive coupons. Related stories: Save Money, Save Lives – and Get a Pink Pumpkin, Too Want to Save Money on Fresh, Healthy Food? Now, Finally, You Can Healthy Rebate App Makes It Easier, and Harder, to Earn Cash Back

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Couponing Crisis Averted, As Coupon Collectors Return to Work

May 13, 2020

A U.S. company’s coupon processing facilities are up and running again, after a temporary shutdown disrupted the whole process. Related stories: Who’s Going to Count the Coupons? Coronavirus Causes More Complications Reports Say the Era of “Extreme Couponing” is Over Couponing in Crisis? Companies and Consumers Both Lose Interest in Coupons

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Couponing Could Be Due For a Comeback

May 5, 2020

The last recession could provide clues on how couponing could change in the months and years ahead. Related stories: Coupons and Deals Are Making a Comeback A Cure For The Next Recession: Government-Provided Coupons? Reports Say the Era of “Extreme Couponing” is Over

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Catalina Partners With Competitors For More In-Store Offers

April 29, 2020

Catalina will offer a greater variety of in-store coupons, as part of a new partnership with other coupon companies. Related stories: Catalina Buys Cellfire: What Does it Mean for You? New Coupons.com Offers to Replace Catalina Coupons in Thousands of Stores Catalina Files For Bankruptcy: What Will It Mean For You?

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Paper Coupons? More Stores Don’t Want Them Anymore

April 14, 2020

Several more grocery stores are refusing paper coupons for pickup and delivery orders. Related stories: 86 Stores to Be Sold in Major Supermarket Merger: The Complete List The Best Grocery Stores, And the Surprising Reason They’re Getting Better How Much Do You “Like” Your Grocery Store?

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Paper Coupons Banned: Another Casualty of the Coronavirus

March 31, 2020

A major retailer announces that it will no longer accept paper coupons during the coronavirus pandemic. Related stories: Can Your Coupons Give You the Coronavirus? How Couponers Are Coping With the Coronavirus Coronavirus Could Make Us More Willing to Pay Full Price

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Study Says Coupon Fraudsters Are More Generous

March 10, 2020

Cashiers who ask for donations at the checkout may find that coupon fraudsters are the most willing donors. Related stories: Study Suggests Coupon Fraud is Good For Business Study Says Coupon Fraud Is On the Rise Mobile Coupon Study Proves Free Is Better Than Cheap

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If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be the End of Extreme Couponing in Belgium

February 25, 2020

A Belgian grocery chain tries to nip “extreme couponing” in the bud before it gets out of control. Related stories: “Extreme Couponing” Pays Off, For Producers “Clipped”: Extreme Couponing on the Big Screen Extreme Couponing Is On The Rise – Just Not Here

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