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Seven-Year Coupon Dispute Ends With 38-Cent Refund

May 14, 2020

A long-running legal dispute over sales tax and coupons ends with a BJ’s customer getting his 38 cents back. Related stories: Coupon Lawsuit Over $0.38 Is Getting Very Expensive Judge Sides With Shoppers in Sales Tax Dispute Couponer Sues Walmart For 21-Cent Overcharge

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Paper Coupons Banned: Another Casualty of the Coronavirus

March 31, 2020

A major retailer announces that it will no longer accept paper coupons during the coronavirus pandemic. Related stories: Can Your Coupons Give You the Coronavirus? How Couponers Are Coping With the Coronavirus Coronavirus Could Make Us More Willing to Pay Full Price

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ShopRite Stores Eliminate Double Coupons

March 27, 2020

ShopRite stores become the latest to eliminate double coupons. Related stories: Publix Cancels Double Coupons in Dozens of Stores Double Coupons Aren’t Dead, They’re Just… Dormant? Wait, Double Coupons Aren’t Dead Yet!

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Study Says Coupon Fraudsters Are More Generous

March 10, 2020

Cashiers who ask for donations at the checkout may find that coupon fraudsters are the most willing donors. Related stories: Study Suggests Coupon Fraud is Good For Business Study Says Coupon Fraud Is On the Rise Mobile Coupon Study Proves Free Is Better Than Cheap

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Grocery Owner Admits to $275,000 Coupon Clipping Scam

February 26, 2020

A grocery store owner is sentenced for submitting coupons for reimbursement that were never used by customers. Related stories: Grocery Owner Charged in $300,000 Coupon Scam Kroger Manager Accused in $13,000 Coupon Scam Kohl’s Cash Hacker Admits to $100,000 Scam

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Coupons.com Chief Predicts the Demise of Coupon Inserts

February 19, 2020

There are big changes ahead for your Sunday coupon inserts., according to the CEO of Coupons.com parent Quotient Technology. Related stories: Your Coupon Inserts Could Get Even Slimmer in the New Year Safeway Chief Predicts End of Paper Coupons Sunday Coupon Inserts Are Going Digital

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Even More Double Coupons Bite the Dust – For Real This Time?

February 13, 2020

Giant Eagle announces the end of double coupons – again. Related stories: Another One Bites the Double-Couponing Dust Double Coupons: Dying Like Dinosaurs? Giant Eagle: Double Coupons Continue, But For How Long?

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Police Seek Walmart Couponer Wanted for Assault

February 10, 2020

A Walmart cashier in Florida says an angry couponer attacked her and fled the store. Related stories: Walmart Couponer Loses It After Manager Smashes His Bread Police: Couponer Banned From Walmart Comes Back Anyway Gun-Toting Couponer Convicted for Threatening Walmart Workers

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You Could Win Coupons, No Matter Who Wins the Super Bowl

January 30, 2020

Companies are offering coupons as prizes, during this year’s Super Bowl. The post You Could Win Coupons, No Matter Who Wins the Super Bowl appeared first on Coupons in the News. Related stories: Watch the Super Bowl And Score Coupons What Could Possibly Go Wrong? You Could Score a Coupon for Free Yogurt After the Super Bowl Clever Coupon Promotions Give You Free Stuff, Just in Time for the Big Game(s)

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Coupon Recipients to Receive More Coupons, to Resolve Lawsuit Over Coupons

January 22, 2020

The Checkers burger chain offers its customers two $5 coupons, to settle a class-action lawsuit. Share this article on: The post Coupon Recipients to Receive More Coupons, to Resolve Lawsuit Over Coupons appeared first on Coupons in the News. Related stories: StarKist Ordered to Resolve Issues With Settlement Coupons No Blizzard Windfall For You! Dairy Queen Escapes Class-Action Coupon Lawsuit Customer Sues Domino’s to Make the Coupons Stop

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